Zion Canyon 2011

Zion Canyon 2011
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How To Approach an Ultra or Ironman

Jordan Rapp quote sums it up!

This Jordan Rapp quote sums it up.
"It's about the process. It doesn't matter what you do tomorrow and it doesn't matter what you did yesterday. It's about today, and making today count. That's especially true in training, but it's the same mentality that I carry into racing. Focus on the task at hand, not on the finish line, or the next part of the race, but what it is that is right there in front of you in the moment."

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Phlox 25K 2012 Run Report

So Captain, Cyrus, Swiss, Portage and me all did the 25K, and the Boy came out for the 10K.Just like last year, it was a scorcher, 30˚C at the start, with the humidity, it felt like 37˚C (100F).
Cyrus looked ready to crush the course, and he did.
This was gonna be Cyrus' last Pylon run for a while, he's about to become a daddy! Congrats to Cy and Sonia.

Swiss and Portage before the race.This was portage's 1st 25k, after doing her 1st half-marathon(21.1K) a couple of weeks ago.Swiss looks like he's having a little trouble getting that belt done up.
 This was a great run last year, and this year they had the same course, but we ran it in the opposite direction. Last year was hot as well. Africa hot.
I took this one on the 1st crossing the bridge over the Grand River, about 1K into the run. Feeling good.

Much of the single track runs beside the river, which is nice.

After things started to heat up, we got to run across a large,open farm field. Not Good.

Bad quality photo of the trail.
 I hit the 15k mark in 90 minutes, but I could start to feel the wheels coming loose. I started way too fast, feeling over confident after having a decent half-marathon last week. The heat, the lack of training, a few extra lbs. I'm carrying and not pacing myself properly all came back to kick me in the nuts cost me.

Coming into the aid station at 19km. I was starting to feel a bit dizzy.
So at about 23K, the guy ahead of me starts walking. Rather than rise to the challenge and pass him, I think" If he can start walking, I can start walking". So we make it to the bridge across the river, I think we're at 23K, but we're actually at 24.5K. I am cooked, so I continue my "Death March" while he starts running again. I look back, and here comes Swiss, looking fresh as a daisy, keeping pace with a really nice looking lady. If ever there was a time to start running, now would be good. But I had nothing left, and just high-fived Swiss as he and the nice looking lady passed me.
"Tell Captain I'm Walking It In !" I yelled, thinking there was still 2 K to go. After about a minute of walking,  people are turning left off the road, and I see the parking lot! DOH. We are only about 100 yards away from the finish! SHIT! I start running (people were still passing me as I walked). Captain and Cyrus have run really well, and The Boy, having finished the 10K is also there to greet me as I cross the finish line, which is awesome. Swiss is already having a freezy and chatting with the nice looking lady.
I felt so aweful I didn't even want a beer, but The Boy insisted I have one for my Blog photo, and the 100 Beers Blog.
 After my near death experience, I was pretty sure Portage would be pissed off with me when she finished. Before she entered this race, I told her I didn't remember any hills from last year. Well, there were lots of hills. Between that and the heat, I figgered she was in for a long day. But we were yakking it up, I just happened to look down the trail, and here comes Portage. And is she smiling? I think so.
Portage caught me off guard, The Boy had already high-fived her before I got the camera out.

Portage was anxious to show off her battle scars.

Group shot. Notice The Boy has put on 30lbs. of beef since last year, but he was within 2 minutes of last year's time. He is hitting the gym every day.
Here's The Boy last year @ 135lbs.
Anyhoo, congrats to all who were able to finish this run in brutally hot conditions, Pylon results were;
Cyrus, crushed it in 2:11, 9th overall, 3rd age 40-50
Captain, 2:18:42, 1st age 50-59! (And he forgot his podium shoes)
Swiss, 2:39:06 , 2nd age 60+ (The 60+ guy who beat him passed him with about 500 meters to go! DOH) Does Swiss ever not get on the podium? (I think he has worn his podium shoes out)
Digger, 2:39:26
Portage, 3:25:40 in her 1st 25K
The Boy, 10K in 1:17:59, not bad for 10 minutes of training!
There's a cool video of the Phlox 25K Run posted by Get Out There Magazine HERE.
   Unfortunately, this will be my family's last Phlox Run, as we really enjoy this one. It's well organized, great volunteers and a genuinely tough little course. By this time next year, Portage and I will be in BC full time, and The Boy and The Girl will either be in Halifax and Charlottetown, or with us.
 Next up looks like it might be the Limberlost Challenge near Huntsville Ontario. We will try to get Mrs. Digger to run the 28K. C'mon Portage, it's only 3 more kilometers.
Does this mean I have to start training again?
And huge congratulations to our girl Dora, who completed 70.5 miles at Laural Highlands in 19:43:48 for the Female 50+ age group win. This is of course just a training run for the Leadville Trail 100 Miler. I don't know how she talks herself into these things.


  1. Holy makeral!!
    You guys are a great running family. Keep it up and good luck in the next run.
    Uncle who ate sushi with you.

  2. Thanks, Bob! We are all signed up for the Huntington's 10K next. Keep up the good work with the new knee.

  3. thanks digger! i don't know either!

    big 'pat on the back' to portage! she is kicking ass this year! love it!

    are you still on your 'diet' ...

    xo dora

    1. Way to go, Dora!
      Portage is doing great, I think I have her talked into the 28K at Limberlost. The diet has taken a beating with my knee, then my rotator cuff.The heat and not much running,lots of beer, not good. My formerly loose shorts are now my tight shorts.

  4. It sure was a warm day across S Ont … way to get it done.

    See you in Huntsville… we must meet over a Beer!


    1. Thanks, Ron. That was hot, and to make things worse I started too fast.Huntsville isn't 100% yet, but if we make it there, I'll bring the beer!