Zion Canyon 2011

Zion Canyon 2011
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How To Approach an Ultra or Ironman

Jordan Rapp quote sums it up!

This Jordan Rapp quote sums it up.
"It's about the process. It doesn't matter what you do tomorrow and it doesn't matter what you did yesterday. It's about today, and making today count. That's especially true in training, but it's the same mentality that I carry into racing. Focus on the task at hand, not on the finish line, or the next part of the race, but what it is that is right there in front of you in the moment."

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Last Two Weeks Have Been Tuff, But Worth It.

Fill with mingled cream and amber,
I will drain that glass again.
Such hilarious visions clamber
Through the chambers of my brain.
Quantist thoughts – queerest fancies,
Come to life and fade away:
What care I how time advances?
I am drinking ale today.
– Edgar Allan Poe
 Edgar Allen Poe has always been my favourite author, and it's funny, he's one of "The Boy's" favourites too.

 So, in the last 2 weeks, I ran 96 miles and had 0 (zero) beer. Also, cycled 3 hours. I also lost 10 lbs. That is kind of cooking the books though, I'm going from a post-cheat day weight of 176 lbs. to a pre-cheat weight today of 166lbs.  But I'll take it. Portage is down 8lbs. from our adventure in Utah/Arizona/Nevada in November, but she doesn't have as far to go as me.
2:03 P.M. Sunday,February 12th.  My first beer in 2 weeks
      Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza.
-Dave Barry-
New Podium Shoes?

 I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day. 
-Frank Sinatra-
 Of course I also like Dave Barry and Frank Sinatra.

  Checking the old log book, I was 161 lbs in 2010 at this time of year, and 167 lbs in 2011. So I'm on track. If I can stay healthy, it should be a good year of kicking ass.
 I just got off the treadmill after 15 miles and 2-1/2 hours. I watched "Tremors" and started to watch "Tremors II". I stunk of B.O. when I came upstairs and the girls let me know it. All I could think of was what my Grampa used to say. "If you're going to invite a dog to dinner, he's going to shit on the carpet". But I think he was probably talking about Madonna's halftime show at the Superbowl. Zing! Just kidding!
Great quotes from "Tremors"....

Valentine McKee:(Kevin Bacon to Fred Ward) I can't believe we said no to free beer!

Valentine McKee:(Kevin Bacon) What the hell's in those things, Burt?
Burt Gummer:(The Dad from "Family Ties" as he drops home made pipe bombs on the giant worms)   "Just a  few common household chemicals in the proper proportions. "
So true.

  Anyhow, here are some photos from the paleo/non-paleo feast. Grass fed beef burgers fried in butter, served with fresh toppings including blue cheese and bacon.The bad stuff was copious amounts of beer, buns and French fries. And desserts coming out the wazoo.
   First things first. Here's how to make perfect French fries. First, bring the peanut oil up to 280˚F. Lard is better, duck fat the best! But too costly!
First, set it for 280˚F

Of course you have to use Russet or Yukon Gold potatoes, cut in french fry size pieces and soaked in ice water for 3 hours before cooking.I use a commercial french fry cutter.
So you have to remove the fries from the ice water, then gather enough for your first load. Nuke them in the microwave for 3 minutes so they don't cool the oil off too much. Cook them @ 280˚F for 6-8 minutes. remove them and drain the fries. I know they're not done ! Then repeat with the rest of the fries. Now that the fries are "parboiled", crank the oil up to 375˚F and finish them off for 3 minutes. Toss with salt. They will be awesome.
I got my recipe from here. It is a keeper.

Next up, deep fried dill pickles. I just mixed up some pancake batter......

I quartered some dills lengthways and deep fried for 8 minutes@ 325˚F. Helpful hint, put them in one at a time,  and remove individually when golden brown.
Grass fed medium hamburger (ground chuck). Form 1/2 lb. patties, then it's time for another beer.

Lug Tread. The 2nd best beer I've ever tasted. Thanks, Kathy! Check out all their awards here.
Sizzling in butter.

Made a mess of the deep fried pickles. Next time, it's one at a time....They still tasted great.

Burger and fries.

This was awesome. I had to sleep after working my 24 hour shift, and when I woke up around 2:00pm, my friend the Red Tailed Hawk was in the tree outside the bedroom window. I snuck out of bed and got Portage to take a few photos of the big guy.
This is actually just a closeup from the shot above.
I'm no expert, but I'd say this is a young female. Pretty magnificent bird, she was only about 10 feet away and looked about  2 feet tall. In the USA, they call them "Chicken Hawks", even though they don't usually eat chickens.
  Anyhoo, we Pylons have a 4 hour training run up on the Bruce Trail on Sunday, my longest one so far this year. It's gonna hurt. Looks like I picked the wrong week to give up beer.................

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