Zion Canyon 2011

Zion Canyon 2011
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How To Approach an Ultra or Ironman

Jordan Rapp quote sums it up!

This Jordan Rapp quote sums it up.
"It's about the process. It doesn't matter what you do tomorrow and it doesn't matter what you did yesterday. It's about today, and making today count. That's especially true in training, but it's the same mentality that I carry into racing. Focus on the task at hand, not on the finish line, or the next part of the race, but what it is that is right there in front of you in the moment."

Monday, January 3, 2011

Beavers, Final Run of 2010, The Primal Challenge and Some Races for 2011

Very Tall Beavers?  My Last Run of 2010.
Checking my training log -Final 2010 Stats
January-  I ran 70 miles
February-I ran 120 miles Bike 1:00 hour
March-    I ran 168 miles Bike 3:40 hours
April-      I ran 186 miles Bike 0:00 hours
May -      I ran 246 miles Bike 10.5 hours Swam 0:05 minutes
June-       I ran 150 miles Bike 7:00 hours Swam 0:45 minutes (Includes my 2 week Tennessee taper)
July-        I ran 85 miles  Biked 31 hours Swam 4 hours.
August-   I ran 85 miles Biked 25 hours  Swam 4 hours.
Sept-       I ran 140 miles  No Bike & No Swim
October- I ran 170 miles No Bike & No Swim
November I ran 65 miles No Bike & No Swim
December I ran 44 miles No Bike & No Swim

So, in 2010, I ran 1529 miles (2460kms) , biked 78 hours (almost all on the trainer) and swam 9 hours.

Race Plans For 2011

So, it's starting to come together for 2011. First things first, back on The Primal Diet until I get down to 150lbs. I will allow myself one case of Old Milwaukee each time I lose 5 more lbs. I'm starting at (gasp, not good) 175lbs, so I get a case @ 170,165,160,155,and finally 150 lbs. I think that's tough, but fair. I better hurry, as it looks like our first race will be the Glacier Ridge 50K in Moraine State Park, Pennsylvania on April 9th. The girls will be coming along for the shopping at the famous "Grove City Outlet Mall." I hope to use this as a training run for The Seaton Trail 50 Miler in Pickering Ontario on April 16th, which will be my 1st 50 miler. After that is a "Back 2 Back" weekend at the beginning of June, starting with The Always Tough 12 Mile Creek Half-marathon on June 4th  near St. Catherines, Ontario, followed by the Phlox 25K on June 5th in Brantford Ontario, hometown of This Guy.
  I'm also planning on doing the Creemore Vertical Challenge 50K on July 2nd. I love this race, it is partly sponsored by The Creemore Springs Brewery, and RD Pierre has a large keg at the finish, so you can have an excellent beer or two while relaxing in the Mad River. The Dirty Girls 6 Hour Race (my first 6 hour race) is on the radar for August 6th, then The Battle of Waterloo Survival Race (my first survival race) on August 14th in Michigan,which looks like a blast.  Anyhow, this all sets up The Big One in November,


 So another one gets crossed off the bucket list.

Here are a few more shots from my last run of 2010. 

The Icicles are Getting Bigger, the Ducks Sure Like Them.
The "Teeter Totter" is Frozen in "Teeter" Mode
Darn Beavers. Filthy,Destructive Rodents.

Late November and December were pretty tough, I had a foot thing going on that was likely Morton's Nueroma. At first, it feel as if your sock is bunched up in your shoe under the ball of your foot. Then it progresses to where it feels as if you have a small stone in your shoe under the ball of your foot between the 3rd and 4th toes,and then it just hurts like hell! It's more or less a pinched nerve between your toes. Three weeks of no running and a wheelbarrow full of NSAID's  took care of it. I was finally able to run again just last week.
Nice Shot of the Don River

So, here we go! It's 2011, game on. My biggest concern right now is getting back to race-weight! I had a little too long of an off season. 

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